Ruptiti Creations

Ruptiti Creations is a unique venture in Corporate Gifts. It has an array of unique products sourced from the far interior villages of the country, the products range from paintings to woodcraft, from dokra to ceramics, from pottery to terracotta and more.

Ruptiti Creations promises to source its offerings from all over the country as well as from abroad. Handicrafts made out of cottons, silks, stones, wood, metals, beads, bones and any other natural fibres and materials form the product range at Ruptiti Creations. The uniqueness of these products lie in the fact that no un-natural products are used to manufacture them and no machine-made pieces are a part of this line either. The earliest traces of the prevalence of handicrafts in India had been found 5000 years ago and that only asserts the importance of the same in India’s history and culture. Other forms of handicrafts which form a part of the offerings at Ruptiti Creations are as follows: beadwork, knits, needlework, pottery, ceramics, quilting, wood carvings, stained glass forms, flooring and curtains made of bamboo sourced from interiors of many North Eastern States.

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Ruptiti CreationsRuptiti Creations

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What they wanted?

Ruptiti Creations required a web presence that matched the line “Born from tradition to impress modern” and blended with their overall branding. They wanted their site to be artistic, yet usable as it showcased their range of products.

What we did?

We came up with a creative solution powered by the WordPress CMS and utilizing advancement in CSS and Javascript technologies running behind a beautiful interface that was given a deliberate “handmade” feel to it.

Services provided:
Website design
Front end development
Wordpress theming & development

Date of Submission: June 2011

What they said?

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